Moniqu Ryan

Corporate Consulting

For over 25 years Monique has consulted with corporations by presenting nutrition and wellness topics to their employees. She also consults with corporations such as food companies, public relation firms, restaurants and other organizations that require the services of a dietitian/nutritionist.

Corporate Wellness

Why invest in Corporate Wellness?

The health of your business is reflective of the health of your individual employees, and this also translates into your company’s health care costs. One of the best ways in which companies can control rising health care costs is to support employees in taking good care of their health. Currently our healthcare system spends 2.5 times more on an individual with one chronic condition such as hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes than an individual with no chronic conditions. Nutrition services improve modifiable health risks, result in positive health outcomes, and decrease health care related costs. Studies show a $3 health care savings for every $1 spent on corporate wellness programs, including nutrition programs. Help your employees not only embrace optimal health, but also reach their true potential.

Program structure and topics can be customized for your group. The suggested format is a one hour PowerPoint enhanced presentation with supporting handouts, and time for Q and A. All programs provide:

  • Cutting edge nutrition information based on the latest research and translated into clear, specific guidelines and language.
  • Practical and behavior oriented strategies for incorporating the nutrition guidelines into your lifestyle.
  • PowerPoint presentation and handouts.

Popular topics for groups are listed below.

Kitchen Makeover Premium Fuel for Active Lives Weight Management for a Lifetime
Guidelines to revamp your fridge and cupboards for optimal health Sports nutrition starter for the fitness enthusiast Get the fad out of your diet with effective and healthy strategies
Defensive Dining Controlling Cholesterol Top Ten Preventative Nutrition Strategies
Navigating menus choices for low fat and lower calorie options Food and supplement strategies that positively affect your lipid profile Ten food strategies that prevent disease
Meal Planning for Busy People Build Better Bones Managing Snacks, Cravings, and other Diet Busters
Time saving tips on food shopping, planning, and preparation Food, exercise, supplement and lifestyle guidelines for building and maintaining strong bones Nutrition strategies to manage your hunger, emotional eating, and high risk environments
Surviving the Holiday Havoc Eat Right Before the Flight: Don’t Let Your Food Choices Weigh You Down
Nutrition and exercise strategies for the hectic holiday season  Guidelines for navigating airport food for the frequent business traveler

Corporate Consulting

Monique consults with food companies, public relation firms, restaurants, and not-for-profits. She is available for special projects. Some of the services commonly provided are listed below.

  • Menu development for schools, camps, and lunchrooms
  • Product spokesperson and supporting nutrition education
  • Development of nutrition education materials
  • Professional writing for brochures, booklets, books, or other print and web media
  • Nutrient analysis for products, individuals, or menus
  • Ideation sessions