Moniqu Ryan

Personalized Sports Nutrition Programs for Athletes

by Monique Ryan, MS, RDN, LDN, CSSD, CLT

As an athlete, your personalized nutrition plan incorporates fueling strategies for your training plan, competition goals, and accommodates your food preferences and lifestyle.

In consideration of this, Monique provides athletes competing at all levels with a personalized sports nutrition plan. Plans are customized to every training period, and specific nutrition strategies for competition.

Because athletes participate in many sports at various levels, she develops nutrition programs for amateur, elite, professional, and Olympic athletes. The athletes that work with Monique compete in a variety of sports at the local, high school, collegiate, national, and international level.

In  addition, programs designed for both optimal health and performance, incorporate any health concern. For example, some health concerns specific to athletes include iron deficiency, injury rehabilitation, and GI disorders. Likewise, Monique also addresses the newer paradigm of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs) which includes the female athlete triad, but which incorporate concerns of male athletes.

Because a variety of athletes engage in the programs designed by Monique, several options for program structure and location are available.  Individual programs are delivered at her Evanston office;  virtually via tele-consulting; and through the E Programs. Clinics and seminars are presented in person to groups of athletes, and also virtually.


Detailed information of program options: