Moniqu Ryan

Sports Nutrition E Programs

Monique’s E Programs are designed to provide athletes located virtually anywhere with detailed and nutrition plans and interchangeable menus for specific workouts in a specific training cycle. The E Programs are appropriate for athletes competing at the high school, collegiate, and age-group competitors in endurance, team, winter, and acrobatic and high skill sports. These detailed nutrition plans can also address your weight and body composition goals and any related health concerns.

For athletes with celiac disease, IBS, or undetermined food sensitivities related to inflammation the MRT test is recommended. The MRT test can determine food sensitivities and implementation of these results via the LEAP program can decrease inflammation and lay the foundation for a healthy training and racing season.

Several suggested E Program options that have been offered and refined for over two decades are available. They include the Training Nutrition, Nutrition Coaching, and Competition Nutrition Programs.

Training Nutrition Programs

These programs are designed specifically to provide detailed  nutrition plans and interchangeable menus for a specific training cycle. While your current diet is evaluated, the Training Nutrition Programs are designed to provide fresh ideas and cutting edge nutrition strategies that will maximize your energy for training and your recovery. Each of the three core programs provides:

  • Meal plans designed for the nutritional demands of specific training days.
  • Energy calculations for your body composition goals and target dates.
  • Interchangeable sample menus that outline the timing of daily meals and snacks and food, supplement, and fluid intake before, during, and after training.
  • Food lists that allow you to develop interchangeable menus for each meal plan.
  • Sample meals that can be incorporated into your menus.
  • Pre-exercise sample meals and recovery nutrition guidelines.
  • Guidelines for evaluating and implementing supplement strategies for optimal carbohydrate, fluid, and electrolyte replacement during training sessions.
  • Phone session to review and discuss your sports nutrition plan after you have reviewed it.
  • Meal Plans and menus can incorporate food sensitivities and intolerances and many other health considerations impacted by food choices.
Deluxe Sports Nutrition Plan
Comprehensive Sports Nutrition Plan Basic Sports Nutrition Plan
The most in-depth and highly specific program provides up to 7 personalized meal plans and 9 sample menus for each type of training session in your current training cycle. Nutrient supplementation guidelines are also provided. This popular plan provides 4 to 5 training specific meal plans and 5 sample menus that reflect your training schedule, health goals and food preferences. For training programs that are less varied and highly consistent in the type of workout and timing of training, this program provides 2 to 3 meal plans and sample menus.

Nutrition Coaching Programs

Training Diet Analysis and Recommendations
Monthly Nutrition Coaching
Provides a computerized dietary analysis of your current diet and recommendations based on those finding designed to improve your diet for peak performance. Provides two personalized meal plans and sample menus. Provides with an initial meal plan, two sample menus, and food lists for ongoing menu development. The nutritional coaching sessions are designed to fine tune this plan, make modifications for different types of training sessions, and answer any questions you may have regarding your nutrition program. The first month includes the initial assessment and three phone sessions.

Competition Nutrition Programs

Because athletes benefit from specific nutrition guidelines for competition, these programs are designed to provide you with detailed nutrition plans for a competition taper, the days leading to competition, the night before competition, the morning of competition, and during competition. Food, fluid, and sports nutrition supplement recommendations are outlined in regards to specific product, portion, and timing.

Triathlon Competition
Cycling Competition Running and Other Sports
Designed to support a triathlete competing in any distance: sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman or Ironman. You are provided with carbo-loading plans (usually 1-3 days), a pre-race meal and guidelines for fuel, hydration, and electrolyte replacement strategies during each race discipline. Carbo-loading plans and pre-competition guidelines are provided for stage racing, one day road racing, track racing, mountain bike races and cyclocross racing. Guidelines include a pre-race meal and fuel and fluid strategies during the race, as well as recovery nutrition guidelines for multi-day events. Training Nutrition and Competition Nutrition Programs are also available for other endurance sports such as running, swimming, rowing, and cross country skiing. Programs are also available for team sport athletes competing in basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, and football, as well as winter sport athletes, and acrobatic and skill oriented athletes.