Moniqu Ryan

EffectiveSports Nutrition Seminars for groups, organizations, and clubs

Monique delivers sports nutrition seminars to high schools, clubs, teams, and professional organizations.  For a personalized approach, these detailed programs are tailored to the specific sports nutrition requirements of the participating athletes, coaches, and trainers. She has presented hundreds of sports nutrition presentations since 1992.

She has presented sports nutrition programs across the US including at the Olympic Training Center, and in Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Thailand.

Programs are customized for a specific sport, and focus on a chosen aspect of a healthy training diet, and the sports and competition goals of the audience.  To support this personalized approach, presentation outlines are reviewed with the program organizer.

Some recent and past presentations are Ironman,  New Trier Swim Club, Chicago Triathlon Club, Chicago Fire Soccer Academy, USA Triathlon: Art and Science of Coaching, Medicine in Cycling, San Diego Triathlon Club, Texas Dietetic Association, Chicago Area Runner’s Association Super Clinic, the Timex Multisport Team, the Team Type 1 Training Camp, and the American College of Sports Medicine.

She is the author of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd edition. The 4th edition is available January 2025 (Agate Surrey Publishing)

A listing of some of the sports nutrition seminars from Monique is available.

Sports Nutrition Seminars topics incorporated into the presentation and tailored specifically to your sport are:

  • An optimal daily training diet for energy and recovery
  • Graded carbohydrate requirements for specific workouts and training cycles
  • Optimal protein requirements for training, recovery, and muscle building
  • Daily hydration and fluid guidelines for various environments
  • Optimal fluid and electrolyte replacement during exercise and training
  • Carbohydrate fueling during exercise for a given intensity and duration
  • Weight management, body composition, and muscle building
  • Effective nutritional supplements and researched backed ergogenic aids
  • Pre-exercise, pre-competition, pre-event eating in the hours before the start of your event
  • Carbohydrate loading in the days leading to competition and events
  • Eating on the road for travel to competition