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Nutrition strategy for time trial performance

CYCLIST 2Researchers investigated whether an athlete’s self chosen nutrition strategy (fuel how you feel) versus a scientifically determined strategy(a plan) led to different performance outcomes for a time trial conducted after endurance exercise. In the scientifically devised plan study subjects consumed 1000 ml per hour in portions of 250 ml every 15 min, 0.5 g sodium, 60 g glucose, 30 g fructose and 5 mg caffeine per kg body mass. A 2.5 hour endurance test at 70% maximal oxygen uptake was completed, then five minutes of rest, followed by a 64.37 km/40 mile time trial. In the scientific trial the subjects completed the time trial faster at 128 minutes versus 136 minutes and with a higher power output (212 vs 184 Watts)-an improvement of 6%. Intake of fluid, energy, and sodium was significantly higher in the planned intake scientific trial than the self chosen nutrition strategy. It pays to have a personalized well-developed nutrition plan for racing.