Moniqu Ryan

Sports Nutrition Blog

Time for a sweat check!

With the arrival of warmer weather and the 2013 training season for endurance sports in full gear, it is time to do a check to determine your current sweat rate. When you have your next scheduled workout lasting about 60 minutes, check your weight before and after training- preferably in the buff. Every pound of weight you lose can be converted to 16 ounces of sweat that you did not replace during exercise. If you consume water or a sports drink during training, add it to your weight loss sweat equivalent. For example, if you lose two pounds of weight during a workout, that converts to 32 ounces of sweat that you did not replace. If you consumed 8 ounces of fluid during this workout, your total sweat loss for the hour was 40 ounces.

The goal is to increase your drinking during training to minimize or prevent dehydration. Maintaining adequate hydration levels during exercise maintains your performance and allows you to exercise safely in the heat.