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National Running Day + National Trails Day = 25% OFF all trail books from VeloPress!

Sports Nutrition for Enduance AthetesPurchase Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd edition for 25% off Wednesday through Saturday. This comprehensive books outlines everything you need to know to optimize your nutrition for trail running and trail biking. Learn more about pre-exercise fueling, how to hydrate and fuel on the trail, and the best recovery nutrition strategies so that you are ready to go out and run or ride again the next day!

Thanks to a rare alignment of the stars and planets, National Running Day (June 3) and National Trails Day (June 6) are both this week!

VeloPress is the top-selling publisher of mountain biking books and trail running books (except for those New Yorkers who published Born to Run, of course), so we invite you to celebrate the joys of the trail with our biggest sale ever: 25%  OFF fourteen VeloPress  books including:

  1. Lisa Jhung’s fun, handy guide to all things trail running: Trailhead
  2. Hal Koerner’s hard-earned tips, tricks, and training for your first or fastest ultramarathon: Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultrarunning
  3. Brian MacKenzie’s CrossFit approach to running from 5K to ultramarathon: Unbreakable Runner
  4. Kilian Jornet’s thought-provoking ode to mountain running: Run or Die
  5. Danny Abshire’s useful guide to natural running technique: Natural Running
  6. Biju Thomas and Allen Lim’s 75 delicious portable snacks: Feed Zone Portables
  7. Monique Ryan’s essential guide to sports nutrition: Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
  8. Take 25% OFF any (or all!) of these books using coupon code NRDNTD25 during checkout on VeloPress.com from

Take a look at all VeloPress trail running books!

VeloPress Mountain Biking Books

  1. Charlie Kelly and the inventors of mountain biking tell their unbelievable story: Fat Tire Flyer
  2. Joe Parkin tells the gritty story of the coming of age of mountain bike racing: Come and Gone
  3. Rebecca Rusch, the Queen of Pain, shares her climbing, running, and mountain biking adventures: Rusch to Glory
  4. Tune, upgrade, repair, and maintain your mountain bike with Lennard Zinn by your side: Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance
  5. Joe Friel applies his proven training approach to mountain biking: The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible
  6. Get ready for 24-hour mountain bike racing with Gale Bernhardt’s ready-to-roll training plans: Training Plans for Cyclists
  7. Simon Burney, the veteran cyclocross coach, prepares you for muddy racing: Cyclocross Training and Technique

Take 25% OFF any (or all!) of these books using coupon code NRDNTD25 during checkout on VeloPress.com from June 3 through June 6.

Take a look at all VeloPress mountain biking books!