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Dietary Supplements tied to Spike in Liver Harm

SupplementsIn a recent New York Times article, a national network of liver specialists found that recent data suggest that dietary supplements now account for 20-percent of drug related liver injuries that turn up in hospitals- up from 7-percent a decade ago. This might undercount the actual number of cases, since only the most serious cases are included in this data. It is important to note that the majority of supplements are likely safe. However, many of the products linked to liver injuries were herbals pills and powders promising to increase energy and promote weight loss, and body building supplements spiked with steroids. Read the Story.

Popular supplements like probiotics, fish oil, and vitamins and minerals are generally not linked to adverse events. However, when choosing dietary supplements, ask a nutrition expert. It is best to be advised in the context of your health history and current diet, and to supplement safely and with evidence based science supporting recommendations.


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