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Pain reduced in fibromyalgia sufferers with vitamin D supplementation

SupplementsWidespread pain and chronic fatigue is common in persons suffering from fibromyalgia. Like many persons in the United States, persons with fibromyalgia often have low blood vitamin D levels. Researchers published in the current issue of Pain, studied the effects of vitamin D supplements on pain reduction in this chronic condition. Thirty women with fibromylagia were put into a treatment or control group. The gola of the treatment group was to increase blood levels of calcifidiol levels (the best indicator of vitamin D status) to a range of 32 to 48 ng/ml for 20 weeks with oral vitamin D supplements. Twenty four weeks after the supplementation was stopped there was a reduced level of pain in the treatment group.

The researchers felt that the results were promising and that while fibromyalgia cannot be explained by vitamin D deficiency alone, it presented a safe and economical treatment option to manage pain.  They recommended that vitamin D levels be monitored regularly in person with fibromyalgia, particularly in the winter months.

I would add that testing and treatment of food sensitivities is also a viable treatment option in persons suffering from fribromyalgia. The MRT test and LEAP program is designed to alleviate symptoms in fibromyalgia.