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For habitual coffee drinkers, coffee hydrates as well as water. Really! Check it out!

Icoffee photot is a common belief that coffee causes dehydration and that consumption should be reduced, particularly in athletes, to maintain adequate daily hydration levels. A recent study compared coffee ingestion to water ingestion for a number of validated hydration techniques.

Fifty male coffee drinkers (with a usual intake of 3 to 6 cups daily) were tested in two trials: either 4 mg/kg body weight of caffeine daily or plain water. There were no significant changes in total body water from beginning to end in both the coffee and water trial, and no significant differences between the coffee and water trials. The researchers concluded that when coffee was consumed in moderation by men who regularly consumed caffeine, about 4, 200 ml (6.5 ounces) servings of coffee, the hydrating effects are similar to water.

Any contraindications to regular caffeine use? It can interfere with your sleep, and everyone has their own tolerance to caffeine- it can make you jittery when too much is consumed. Coffee is also very acidic and could irritate your gastrointestinal tract.

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